Pianos sound better when tuned at proper pitch. It is important
for a child's developing ear to hear individual tones at their correct
pitch when learning to play piano. (This applies to late starters too!)
To keep your piano stable it should be tuned at least once a year.

Pitch Adjustment

If your piano has not been tuned within the past two years, it may
be very flat and require a pitch raise in order to bring it up to it's
correct pitch. This should be discussed prior to the appointment.


Many repairs can be done in the home including replacing
broken strings, hammer shanks, glue joints, loose center pins,
worn out action cloths and pedal repairs. A Registered Piano
Technician is the best person to discuss your specific repair needs.


In order to compensate for wear, use, and humidity your
piano needs to be regulated periodically. This includes
making adjustments to the action and keys. A piano that
is properly regulated plays consistently and evenly
across the keyboard and can help the music student
to develop confidence and an even touch.